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Industrial Photo Video Inventory



  • Being prepared
  • Accurate documentation
  • High quality images of your assets or property on DVD or USB stick for safe storage
  • Document and protect what you already own or else your insurance claim might be delayed or refused!




Would you be able to calmly file an insurance claim, police report, recalling all items from memory?

Having a proper inventory will help you settle an insurance claim much faster, since the insurance company will have documented proof of what was in your business.You would also be less likely to forget items when making a claim. 

Taking the time now to do a proper inventory, will help you rebuild your business faster, if a disaster were to occur.

  • *A copy of your appraisals or receipts, should be made available for the on site inventory documentation.

Why a Complete business Inventory is important!

Most Insurance Companies strongly recommend a thorough documentation of your property, in case of fire, theft or water damage. 

This is the exactly what we do, a complete business photo video inventory. You should act now to have it done - before it is too late.

1) A proper inventory helps you:

  •  Accurately identify your assets and re-evaluate your insurance coverage;
  •  Ensure claims are settled faster, with less stress and dissapointment.

2) Having a professional third party provide a complete inventory will:

  •  Maximize your complete protection process while easily keeping it up-to-date;
  •  Professionally document all your assets or property for many uses including planning, asset pre-purchase, due dilligence, asset sale or liquidation, etc...
  • A1 id Pro works with you and your managers and/or lawyers in situations when a third party may be required.

3) Inventory before moving your business:

  •  A detailed inventory will be a valuable asset when moving if you need to file a claim with your moving company for loss or damage.
  •  An inventory of what you are moving, with its value and condition documented, allows you to determine if you need to purchase additional insurance before the move. Are your high value items adequately covered?

4) Average time required to complete a photo video business inventory:

  •  The average business requires about 3-4 hours for the on site portion of the inventory. (*See note)
  •  Each office or company is unique, extensive equipment, computers, software, servers, garages, warehouses, may require additional time depending on contents.
  • *A copy of your appraisals or receipts, should be made available for the on site inventory documentation.

5) Security and confidential measures to protect you

  •  All information is deleted from the computer at the completion of the home inventory, immediately after delivery to client.
  • A1 id Pro never uploads any information to third party cloud services.
  • Request your confidential no obligation custom estimate
  • To request a custom quote or book an appointment to complete your business photo video inventory call (514) 983-4147 and we will schedule a time that is convenient for you. 
  • You can also submit your request via email at:

The following are only a few examples where home inventory photos would be beneficial.



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Our insurance company suggested to make a photo video inventory to
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